Cash for Comment Scandal

Needed… 2UE talk radio hosts John Laws and Alan Jones so i can start my own “cash for comment” scandal!!

Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook Posts all seem easy at first but it’s not long before you realise that the things that get the most feedback and comments seem the most trivial or ridiculous.

One weekend I spent all day working on a part of the family tree getting it just right before i was ready to tweet the world about it. Checked and double checked it and the moment came when I was ready…

Go… Tweet, Facebook Personal Post, Tree Post and Shared to the top 3 groups… now sit back and wait for the feedback to flood in – Right!

Wrong … Did I mention that I had competition that day that I underestimated big time.

The neighbours had been away for a week, “so…” you say, well it’s not the trip that had the world in a spin but the fright they got when they got home. A two litre bottle of milk had gone off in the fridge and was on the brink of exploding, filled with lumps and heaven only knows what it must of smelt like if only someone had the guts to take the lid off… better still maybe they would drink it.

Well a couple of hundred posts later I was feeling sick… No I didn’t drink it… I was feeling sick because my post had No Comments but 2 likes and one of them was my wife because she was feeling sorry for me. (Thanks to the other diehard genealogy misfit – you know who you are) At this point I packed my bat and ball in my knapsack and went home. No I didn’t – I was at home already, this torture had invaded my home, I couldn’t escape it. Now I found I couldn’t sleep either. How was I going to compete in this arena with the likes of “Exploding Milk Bottles?”

So I set about making a list of all the things that got lots of hits, comments, likes, re-tweets.

  • Kittens doing anything
  • Half naked women taking pics with mobile phones
  • Dogs wrecking anything
  • Cars with half naked women
  • Quote of the Day – That points out how stupid we all are!
  • Family In-fighting
  • This post will show “I’m a redneck because…”
  • Wat yu right and wat I no will bafl ya stoopid – WHAT THE?

In summary, I’m  now looking for some sexy male underwear that I can dress in to take a pic with my mobile of me holding a cat as my dog tries to kill it… picture my car in the background, the wife yelling at me to get inside and the caption will read:

“You know you’re a Redneck when…….”

Psst – I’ll slip the link to the Family Tree in and maybe a few people will click it by accident

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4 thoughts on “Cash for Comment Scandal”

  1. Welcome to the lonely writers world DB! Here is how I handle only having 22 followers after 2 years of writing most days – I write it for me. For my legacy. Anything else is a bonus.

    “Write it and they will come” It’s a game of persistence 🙂

    I think you are well and truly finding your voice and your personality shines through. Have fun, don’t stress about it.

    What about asking some family to write a guest post?

  2. Good advice and for the most part I do it for me. I have always over thought most things and where some find peace and harmony I can see the bits I’ve missed and the parts that can be done better. It reminds me of when I had a large aquarium to give me something to focus on and allow me to de-stress… It was fine until the fish started killing each other… then I stressed!!
    But I do get a lot of reward from the things I do get done… it’s a balance that time has allowed me to embrace.

  3. I can top the exploding bottle of milk. I buy long life milk and cream. It’s stored in the pantry until I’m ready to use. For quite a few days there was this horrible smell in my very large pantry and as much as I looked I couldn’t see anything that was off. Keep in mind that the shelves are white . When I needed a new carton of milk I found that mice had chewed the bottom corners of six cartons. The milk had slowly found its way to the lowest point of the shelf and continued to run down the brick wall to floor level.from there it went under the vinyl where it turned into nothing short of a putrid sticking mess. The clean up was awful. The smell penetrated the bricks and the concrete under the vynal . It took weeks to fade out. The milk is now alway sitting in a deep plastic tray. Oh I’ve learnt how to use mice baits now.

    • Shirley that’s a lot funnier to read than the clean-up would have been, I’m sure.

      I must confess that off milk stories or visuals are more interesting or funny that family history to most of the population… I just hope that by blogging about off milk I can get a few more people interested in the family tree. Thanks for the comment and keep them coming.

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