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If you have come here from the link on my Brady Family Tree in Western Australia site then maybe you have information, stories or pictures that could help grow the tree and make it more useful for all that visit.

The Blog pages are here for you to have your say and along with the Facebook Page, allows me to post my roadblocks

Starting after the death of one of my grandmothers in July 1998 with my direct line, and with the help of over 900 submitters I have branched out by birth and marriage in all directions for all lines back as far as my direct line go and for all other lines back one generation before entering Australia. So the data is mostly linking to Early Western Australian family lines but has a lot of lines that came from the other Australian States to Western Australia.

To browse in silence is your choice but to actively submit updates, corrections and valued stories, pictures and additions, is my hope and everyone’s gain. If the information links to you in anyway then this is your family tree site as much as mine. Feel free to use the information – pictures – stories. But please try to submit as much as you take.
Happy Hunting,
Darryl Brady


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11 thoughts on “Can you help?”

  1. My great grandfather x3 Henry Lennon convict (8053) b 1812 Armagh Ireland sent out to w a 1864 was sent to work on a T L with one of your great grandfathers 1866/7 out Dongara north of Perth/ swan colony he came out on the ss merchantman I believe he stayed on the land clearing it with two other convicts , when your grand father passed away, he was allowed to work for him self as a carter around that area, but I can not find more about him from that time,i am now close to 80 and would love to find out more. I believe he died in WA.
    I would love to tell my children & grandchildren/great grandchildren about him.
    thank you for any information
    John Lennon
    I am from Liverpool – my father and his family all from Dublin / Armagh / Cavan / Roscommon & Longford Ireland
    I have been in S A since 1963

    • Hi John
      Thanks for the comment and the extra info on your line. I note that you have sent me some other info and corrections that people may like to see, so I will list them below:

      Worked for a ToL man James Brady ” AKA ” Frederick Joseph John Convit 3944
      B1834 -1886 Farmed at ” Avine’ at Dongara WA

      Convicts in Western Australia 1850 – 1887
      Page 335
      LENNON Henry (8053) 1825–19.6.1883–M 5
      chn lab, illit RC, conv Chester 11.12.1862
      wound 15yrs; arr Merchantman 12.9.1864
      TL28.9.1867 CR16.1.1873 Champion Bay;
      lab carter worked for self 1872. At Dongara

      Henry Lennon b 1812 ? Not 1825, In Templetate Roscommon , Longford, Ireland,
      His father Francis Lennon b 1792/4, mother Mary Wilson, b 1794, her father was Thomas Wilson, Henry , M, Elizabeth ? B 1822 Ireland, they Had five Children,
      Peter {my great great grandfather,} b 1838, Mary b 1842
      James & John B 1847 twins, & Johns b 1844, In 1846 left Ireland for Birkenhead England , opposite Liverpool, Birkenhead is in Cheshire, see 1851 census UK,
      Henry was a farm worker,so they all went to a place called Greasley / wood church Cheshire, 1861 census UK,

      They all work on the farm, Mary as a servant,
      The next I have learnt about the family is 1862 in the county Court, Henry was Found guilty of wounding , sent to jail for 15 years , he spent 2 years in an English prison , then 1864 Sent from Devonport UK to WA, his wife & some of the children stayed in Cheshire.
      I know Great Grandfather Peter went back to Armagh Ireland & M Jane Lane in Blackwater town Armagh, in 1865 , Jane Lane Came from Drumachose Londonderry her father / Hugh Lane.

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking for any info on the BRADEY Family in South Australia.
    My Grandmother was Olive Ellen Gwendoline BRADEY, her parents Ben & Ellen BRADEY
    Sandra Debnam

  3. Hi Darryl
    Poppy FREE and Nan lived in York and Meekatharra while pop worked on the rail line ending up in buying the house in Northam before I was both in 1984.. From my understanding they lived there for many years as dad has told me stories about there time in Northam

  4. Hi Darryl,
    Just stumbled on your website and blog. John Scroggie and Margaret Prentice are my great-great-grandparents, on my mother’s side. One of their daughters, my great-grandmother, Ann Jane Scroggie was a sister to Elizabeth, born at sea (who, I believe, is your forebear). I am trying to find out as much as I can about John and Margaret (who hailed from Co. Armagh in Ireland) and migrated to Australia on the immigrant shop, The Chance, leaving Liverpool, England, in June 1857, arriving at Belfast (later named Port Fairy) on Victoria’s ‘shipwreck coast’ September 12. Elizabeth was born at some point during the voyage. John and Margaret and their infant daughter settled at Woodford, about nine miles north of Warrnambool, where the family grew to several more children (that included my great-grandmother Ann Jane). I am particularly interested to find out as much as possible about John and Margaret and their first-born, Elizabeth, your forebear. If you have any information or photographs I would be most grateful. I may have a photo from about 1906 with Margaret Scroggie and perhaps Elizabeth.
    With kind regards, Maggie Combe (grew up in Melbourne but now live near Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches.)

  5. Hi Darryl,
    Thankyou for allowing the book by Eric Leslie Hansen to be available.. It is very interesting. Anders Knudsen Tailor born 1752 in Vejlby, Odense is linked in the people (siblings and his father) he names as “fadder” to the births of his children to Knud Andersen Tailor in Vejlby born circa 1725 and his wife Maren Laursdatter born c.1727. Anders birth is in 1753 in Asperup before his parents marriage in Vejlby, a sister Maren is also born in Asperup. That Anders has a brother Lars born 1766 in Vejlby, who is named as Fadder to the first Ane Marie daughter of Anders. I think that Lars is my ancestor – a “Lauritz” Knudsen, Carpenter born circa 1764. Lauritz turns up in Vonsild, Vejle being from Fyn. (In Vonsild all Lars in that era are Lauritz). In all of Denmark there is a small list of Lars Knudsens, not ‘Peder Hansen’- and being from Fyn narrows it … have you found any more since the book was written, of that ancestry?

    • Hi Janet, thanks for the comment and the extra info. Only some of the people from Eric’s work have been added to my tree as I only link into a small part.
      I haven’t researched the area you are talking about.
      Darryl Brady

  6. Darryl

    My name is Brendan Eccles . I am grand son x5 to James and Sarah Morgan who settled in Allansford (Victoria)in the 1850’s and I have researched some of the family and noticed in a search details of a Vikings, Villains and Vagabonds book by Eric Hansen and I would appreciate being able to sight or buy a copy of this book to continue this endless search. I think I will end up with “war and peace” once finished. If I ever get it finished. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  7. HiDaryl my name is Brendan Xavier Kupsch. I am doing research on the Kupsch Family who emigrated from Prussia. Johann Christian was my great Grandfather. It was believed that three brothers arrived in Australia, including Johann I have recently found a second brother arrived and remained in Geelong. My mother always said that three brothers arrived in Australia. I am searching for the third brother who possibly either settled in South Australia or the wild west. Oh I do have a photo of Johann Christian Kupsch which I can send a copy if you would like.

    • Hi Brendan
      I’m not directly related to the Kupsch line.
      They married into my mothers Free side of the family and so link to cousins.
      At this point I’m not researching the brothers but I would be interested in what you find and updating any errors in my data.

      Darryl Brady

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