Taking the Plunge into Blogging

OK so you want to know why I’m blogging… Good Question!

I personally don’t like to write a lot down and anyone that knows me will say I talk a lot, but give me a pen and paper and I close right up. Many times I have started to look at writing stories to go with the info I find on the family tree only to get to the point of reading it back and thinking… That’s Crap.

So, why now?

The tree has grown to a point where it’s about to hit 50,000 names and that’s great; but for the most part it’s a collection of names, dates and places. What some genealogists would call the “Bones”. But for the people in the tree to come alive they need some flesh on the bones…

The “Flesh” is all the extra bits that make it interesting to read not only by people wanting to know who they are related to, but also how similar or different they may be to them. Stories of the past, convicts,  occupations, military service, loves, losses and all the bit and pieces that go in-between. Photos of Events, Places and the things that those people held dear all help us to connect.

My goal for 2012 was to start adding pictures to the site and in most part, I’m happy with the effort. A big thankyou to the many people that submitted pictures for inclusion. You have given me a small headache to deal with in getting them all sorted, named and uploaded – Lots more to come.

What will 2013 bring – Now that we’re in the third month, I better focus on something or it will be over before I get going…. I think that maybe the reason for the Blog is I need some guidance, inspiration and maybe even a kick in the butt every now and then. So, my challenge to you out there reading this is to give me the “Flesh”

I will try to come up with creative posts that have a Family History Theme, but not always a set direction. Maybe we can get some interesting comments to help me find the bits to include in the tree for future generations.

Now, jumping out of a plane was easy compared to this…

Seeya on the ground!!!

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2 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge into Blogging”

  1. Thanks Jodie, I’m happy with my effort at the moment – It’s a mix of obsession and determination. Although I could have a little more focus as I do tend to have 10 things going at once. Someday I will sit and focus on my direct line but till then this approach allows me to have a life and be doing other things outside of genealogy without feeling I’m not doing it justice.

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