You Will Never Need To Know



I knew this question would come up someday. Today, all I wanted was to sit here on my veranda, in my chair and have a quiet drink with my son. At my age it’s not like I get much time with any of the children, but Willie’s a good boy. Always remembers to bring me my two bottles of stout each week.

“Dad, why don’t you ever talk about your family?”

I know he’s asking because he knows he’s got uncles and cousins that he’s almost never seen. Truth is, some days I wish we were all closer, but that’s not the way it was ever going to be. How can I tell my son that his grandfather was a convict and died a drunk? How his grandmother left us kids in a home, re-married and basically forgot us? How I lost my only sister in a fire that should never have happened?

Looking down at hands that had seen better days, I was thinking how I had forged my own life. Married a good strong woman and built a family of my own. These hands had worked hard to provide a better life. My children should not carry the burden of the life left for me by my parents. When I’m gone they will only have the good memories we made together.

“Willie, all you need to know is that you, your brothers, sisters and mother are all that has ever mattered to me. Let’s leave it at that.”




Want to know more about William George BRADY or his son Willie – William Frederick BRADY aka Bill


HAA004 Writing Family History
Week 3 E-tivity – Walking In Their Shoes
Length – 250 words
University of Tasmania
Darryl Brady
Student ID: 425182


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