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Kyneton, Victoria, Australia

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Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
[Kyneton] [Victoria] [Australia]

City/Town : Latitude: -37.25, Longitude: 144.4333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Mary Gertrude  7 Oct 1879Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I76339
2 BASTIAN, Edwin Henry  11 Aug 1871Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I60056
3 BRUCE, Chas Irvine  24 Feb 1895Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I69608
4 BUGLASS, George William  13 Jan 1859Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I96675
5 CULLEN, Thomas William  19 Sep 1858Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I83552
6 DUNCAN, Alexander  21 Sep 1895Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I8672
7 DUNCAN, Bevor Hall  1903Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20296
8 DUNCAN, John Hall  1862Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20272
9 DUNCAN, John Victor Hubert  1899Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20294
10 DUNCAN, Margaret Campbell  1910Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20299
11 DUNCAN, Mary Hall  1893Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I1034
12 DUNCAN, Richard Saxton  1901Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20295
13 DUNCAN, Robert Glenhope  1907Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20298
14 DUNCAN, Violet Martha  10 Aug 1905Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20297
15 DUNCAN, William Snowdon  1897Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20293
16 EVANS, Annie  1879Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I50131
17 FORD, Clara Margaret  Abt 1886Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I37389
18 GARRETT, Sarah  20 Jul 1882Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I118640
19 HOGAN, John Ernest  1870Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I57994
20 KEOGH, Honora Theresa  1867Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I68894
21 LOUGHLIN, Gregory James  30 Sep 1864Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I52129
22 MARTIN, Donald Frederick  13 Mar 1882Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I81022
23 MCMILLIAN, Sarah Jane  1862Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I48109
24 MINCHIN, Eliza  9 May 1855Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I63287
25 MINCHIN, Mary Ann  25 Nov 1862Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I63292
26 OVENS, James Henry  8 Dec 1868Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I14158
27 PELL, George Samuel  3 Sep 1856Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I63288
28 PERKIN, George Thornton Hargett  1882Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I47984
29 PLUMMER, David Ker  Abt 1904Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I80834
30 SHEPHERDSON, John William  1869Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I41112
31 SHEPHERDSON, Robert Ellison  1868Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I41110
32 SKINNER, Henry Keirley  28 May 1881Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I110504
33 SKINNER, James Cable  1886Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I126508
34 SKINNER, Joseph Robert  1876Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I126507
35 SKINNER, Sarah Ann  20 Jan 1884Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I110516
36 SKINNER, Thomas  1891Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I126509
37 SKINNER, William John  1894Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I126510
38 STRATTON, Thomas  22 Oct 1850Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I49274


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BOYER, Sarah Ann  1932Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I118639
2 BRUCE, Chas Irvine  24 Feb 1895Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I69608
3 BYE, Emily Ellen  1916Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I41116
4 CLARK, Caroline Matilda  18 Dec 1949Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I69152
5 DAWSON, Henry  30 Jul 1929Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I76699
6 DUNCAN, Alexander  8 Oct 1891Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20273
7 DUNCAN, Richard Saxton  29 Dec 1982Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20295
8 DUNCAN, Robert Glenhope  6 Oct 1957Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20298
9 ELLISON, Hannah  1 Apr 1920Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I41086
10 GARRETT, Harry  22 Feb 1937Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I118638
11 GODDARD, Prudence  29 Oct 1904Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I49281
12 GODDARD, Thomas Arthur  25 Aug 1873Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I49282
13 HALL, Mary Heskitt  1923Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20274
14 HASTY, Aubrey James  1982Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20184
15 JOHNSTONE, Hazel Eva Annie  27 Jul 1992Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I87441
16 JOHNSTONE, Ivy Louisa Elizabeth  27 Jul 1992Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I87438
17 KEOGH, John  3 Mar 1895Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I68899
18 KNIGHT, Edward Edwin Octavius  12 Dec 1959Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I118641
19 MCGRATH, James Joseph  14 Nov 1999Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I66364
20 MILLER, Isaac  30 May 1955Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I69151
21 MINCHIN, Andrew  1875Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I12608
22 MINCHIN, Mary Ann  14 Mar 1931Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I63292
23 O'DONNELL, Patrick  12 Jul 1881Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I89884
24 PRINCE, Eliza Cawtheray  22 Aug 1964Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I20164
25 RUFFO, Ada Francesca  Apr 2013Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I66365
26 SHEPHERDSON, John William  1870Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I41112
27 SNOWDEN, Martha Maria  5 Aug 1956Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I8287
28 TEWLETT, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1862Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I4545
29 THULBORN, Jessie Maud  12 Feb 1964Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I90730
30 TRANTER, David Richard  15 Mar 1942Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I49497
31 TRANTER, Frederick James  15 Feb 1942Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I49495
32 VEDOVA, Antonio Andrew Della  1931Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I42965
33 WAIGHT, Sarah  25 May 1893Kyneton, Victoria, Australia I49283


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 CASTLE / TYNAN  1879Kyneton, Victoria, Australia F12747
2 PELL / MINCHIN  11 Mar 1880Kyneton, Victoria, Australia F21868
3 SHEPHERDSON / ELLISON  2 Oct 1867Kyneton, Victoria, Australia F13526
4 SHEPHERDSON / FELLOWS  1898Kyneton, Victoria, Australia F13541