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Cornwall, England

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Cornwall, England
[Cornwall] [England]

Latitude: 50.4393, Longitude: -4.6833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, James  Between 1800 and 1810Cornwall, England I80147
2 ANGOVE, Elizabeth  1836Cornwall, England I73450
3 ANGOVE, Thomas Henry  4 Apr 1848Cornwall, England I28953
4 AVERY, Anthony  1813Cornwall, England I112587
5 BARGWANNA, George  22 Feb 1840Cornwall, England I86171
6 BARTLETT, Henry  1844Cornwall, England I29244
7 BARTLY, Mary  1634Cornwall, England I98771
8 BASSETT, Mary  1818Cornwall, England I52007
9 BEAR, Ellen  1857Cornwall, England I93210
10 BILKEY, Philippa Mary  1868Cornwall, England I63174
11 BORLACE, Richard  Between 1844 and 1845Cornwall, England I107992
12 BOSANKO, Alexander  Abt 1813Cornwall, England I80298
13 BOUCHER, Elizabeth Hilda  Abt 1860Cornwall, England I83048
14 BOWDEN, Mary  1806Cornwall, England I67490
15 CAYZER, May Ann  10 Mar 1829Cornwall, England I74200
16 CLARK, Henry  1772Cornwall, England I72882
17 COAD, Mary Jane  1851Cornwall, England I66128
18 COCK, Walter  Abt 1645Cornwall, England I116066
19 COURTICE, Mary  14 May 1770Cornwall, England I69665
20 DAVIE, Silas  1857Cornwall, England I64373
21 DAVIES, Samuel Prisk  5 Mar 1798Cornwall, England I108319
22 DAWSON, Margaret  1844Cornwall, England I95316
23 DENNIS, William  1776Cornwall, England I74757
24 DOWSETT, Samuel  1829Cornwall, England I45861
25 DUNSTAN, Samuel  UNKNOWNCornwall, England I116286
26 DUNSTONE, William  Abt 1795Cornwall, England I123826
27 EDWARDS, Phillipa  1845Cornwall, England I113157
28 EDWARDS, Selina  15 Sep 1840Cornwall, England I71547
29 EDWARDS, Thomas  1794Cornwall, England I76695
30 ELLERY, Jenny  Abt 1778Cornwall, England I69667
31 ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Ann  1840Cornwall, England I70711
32 ENNER, Elizabeth  1860Cornwall, England I52150
33 EPPLETT, Thomas  15 Jun 1835Cornwall, England I83771
34 FRANCIS, Mary  1773Cornwall, England I89960
35 GLASSOH, Elizabeth  Abt 1780Cornwall, England I74212
36 GODDEN, Phillippa  1836Cornwall, England I39227
37 GREEN, Charles Cornelius  Abt 1831Cornwall, England I74759
38 GRENFELL, John  1853Cornwall, England I107220
39 GRIGG, Mary Ann  13 Oct 1836Cornwall, England I81936
40 GROSE, Edward  1786Cornwall, England I100227
41 GROSE, Erasmus  25 Dec 1789Cornwall, England I100229
42 GROSE, Mary Ann  1787Cornwall, England I100228
43 GROSE, Salley  1797Cornwall, England I100230
44 GUY, Charles Henry  15 Sep 1912Cornwall, England I87407
45 HARRIS, Abraham  Abt 1787Cornwall, England I81853
46 HARRIS, Elizabeth  1836Cornwall, England I60380
47 HARRY, Lydia Joseph Harris  1801Cornwall, England I73749
48 HARRY, Stephen  24 Jan 1768Cornwall, England I73754
49 HARVEY, John Polsue  28 Jul 1847Cornwall, England I58682
50 HAWES, Pascasia  Abt 1600Cornwall, England I71044
51 HAWKINS, Tamson  Abt 1812Cornwall, England I112588
52 HAYDEN, James  15 Apr 1809Cornwall, England I45688
53 HICKS, George  UNKNOWNCornwall, England I79829
54 HICKS, James  1650Cornwall, England I98768
55 HICKS, Margaret  14 Feb 1756Cornwall, England I132918
56 HICKS, Mary  Abt 1842Cornwall, England I127158
57 HICKS, Norman  Jan 1891Cornwall, England I100743
58 HILL, Catherine  1710Cornwall, England I100836
59 HOCKIN, John  Abt 1748Cornwall, England I112180
60 HOCKING, Edmund  1832Cornwall, England I73449
61 HOCKING, Mary  1789Cornwall, England I74865
62 HOLMAN, Henrietta  Abt 1847Cornwall, England I86471
63 HOLMAN, John  8 Jan 1705/06Cornwall, England I116794
64 HOLMAN, Mary Jane  Abt 1832Cornwall, England I67374
65 HOWARD, Elizabeth  Abt 1743Cornwall, England I89833
66 JENKIN, James  Abt 1730Cornwall, England I114207
67 JOHNS, Jane  Abt 1814Cornwall, England I72781
68 KELLY, Rosina  1859Cornwall, England I64374
69 KITTO, Jane  Abt 1805Cornwall, England I74076
70 KNOWLS, Catherine  1774Cornwall, England I36987
71 LANGE, Mary  Abt 1685Cornwall, England I94339
72 MATHEWS, Albert  25 Jun 1877Cornwall, England I99533
73 MAYNARD, Ann  1823Cornwall, England I51377
74 MENHENIOTT, John  1845Cornwall, England I102859
75 MENNOW, Mary  1738Cornwall, England I67438
76 MICHELL, Ann  UNKNOWNCornwall, England I79830
77 MILLER, Jane  Abt 1806Cornwall, England I123367
78 MINEAR, Susannah  1800Cornwall, England I123358
79 MITCHELL, Amelia  Abt 1806Cornwall, England I67162
80 MOON, Mary  Abt 1740Cornwall, England I110857
81 MOYLE, John  Abt 1777Cornwall, England I114293
82 MULES, William  Abt 1771Cornwall, England I69664
83 NICHOLLS, Mary  Abt 1765Cornwall, England I79161
84 PALMER, James  1860Cornwall, England I94555
85 PARKYN, Elizabeth Jane  1849Cornwall, England I61963
86 PASCOE, Charity  Abt 1790Cornwall, England I123334
87 PASCOE, Frederick William  Dec 1889Cornwall, England I87410
88 PASCOE, Harcles James  29 Jan 1845Cornwall, England I45883
89 PASCOE, Nicholas  May 1827Cornwall, England I131811
90 PASCOE, Thomas Henry  1851Cornwall, England I87404
91 PASCOE, William  Jun 1825Cornwall, England I131810
92 PAULL, Charles Carruthers  1834Cornwall, England I60379
93 PAULL, Francis  Abt 1868Cornwall, England I30320
94 PENALUNA, Mary  Abt 1735Cornwall, England I114208
95 PENTECOST, Gloria Woodward  15 Oct 1933Cornwall, England I116191
96 PHILLIPS, Elizabeth  1740Cornwall, England I116072
97 PHILLIPS, James  Abt 1818Cornwall, England I72776
98 PHILLIPS, Josiah  Abt 1821Cornwall, England I127491
99 PHILLIPS, Thomas  Abt 1786Cornwall, England I73617
100 PRISK, Wilson  Abt 1600Cornwall, England I71043

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Julie  Bef 1851Cornwall, England I73603
2 BAWDEN, Martha Jane  Dec 1952Cornwall, England I116188
3 BEHENNAH, Ann  1870Cornwall, England I79162
4 BLEWETT, Anne  DECEASEDCornwall, England I67172
5 BOSANKO, Alexander  DECEASEDCornwall, England I80298
6 BURKE, William Henry James  1 Jun 2017Cornwall, England I118018
7 BUSHTION, Christian Oats  Jun 1869Cornwall, England I67166
8 CLARKE, Catherine  Oct 1860Cornwall, England I72881
9 COURTICE, Mary  Bef 1841Cornwall, England I69665
10 CROTHERS, Ann  1 May 1893Cornwall, England I115848
11 DINGLE, Richard  Jun 1880Cornwall, England I86167
12 DUNN, Mary  Dec 1887Cornwall, England I116182
13 DUNSTAN, Ann  DECEASEDCornwall, England I131852
14 EPLETT, Humphrey  DECEASEDCornwall, England I101879
15 GRIBBLE, Matthew  Jan 1867Cornwall, England I133841
16 GUY, Charles Henry  2004Cornwall, England I87407
17 HARRY, Stephen  3 May 1821Cornwall, England I73754
18 HICKS, James  1720Cornwall, England I98768
19 HOARE, William Martin  8 Jan 1937Cornwall, England I88828
20 HOLMAN, Peter  Jul 1842Cornwall, England I131849
21 JEFFERY, Elizabeth  7 May 1827Cornwall, England I72889
22 JENKIN, Joan  DECEASEDCornwall, England I95645
23 KNIGHT, Gabriel  1806Cornwall, England I67437
24 LEGG, Mary Ellen  1897Cornwall, England I74729
25 LUKE, Emily Edith  1934Cornwall, England I112611
26 MARTIN, John  Mar 1836Cornwall, England I103125
27 MAYE, Grace  1740Cornwall, England I98767
28 MENHENIOTT, John  Bef 1881Cornwall, England I102859
29 MENNOW, Mary  1810Cornwall, England I67438
30 MILL, Elizabeth  9 Jan 1894Cornwall, England I130463
31 MOON, Mary  DECEASEDCornwall, England I110857
32 MOYLE, Richard  Jun 1871Cornwall, England I89124
33 MULES, William  DECEASEDCornwall, England I69664
34 NICHOLAS, Michael  Abt 1 Mar 1839Cornwall, England I79157
35 OATS, Jane  Jan 1841Cornwall, England I81859
36 PASCOE, Gwendoline  Jan 1994Cornwall, England I87408
37 PAWLEY, Cheston  DECEASEDCornwall, England I107147
38 PHILLIPS, William  DECEASEDCornwall, England I127490
39 RAWLINGS, William  Bef 1881Cornwall, England I102856
40 ROWE, Jane  Abt 1878Cornwall, England I123734
41 ROWE, Mary Ann  26 Jul 1886Cornwall, England I75181
42 ROWE, Thomas Floyd  Mar 1841Cornwall, England I75182
43 ROWSE, George  Bef 1851Cornwall, England I131851
44 RULE, John James  Abt May 1898Cornwall, England I115893
45 SAMPSON, Edmond  22 Jul 1754Cornwall, England I109136
46 SINCOCK, Baldwin  Abt 1616Cornwall, England I71041
47 SINCOCK, Samuel  1824Cornwall, England I67176
48 SINCOCK, Thomas  18 Mar 1833Cornwall, England I67171
49 SINCOCK, William  Dec 1881Cornwall, England I67165
50 STEPHENS, Honour  Abt 1771Cornwall, England I68910
51 STEVENS, Andrew  1783Cornwall, England I75615
52 SYMONS, John  19 Aug 1865Cornwall, England I108388
53 THOMAS, Elizabeth  DECEASEDCornwall, England I103710
54 THOMAS, Henry  Jul 1882Cornwall, England I88793
55 TREMBATH, Arthur  1863Cornwall, England I79153
56 TREMBATH, James Frederick  Abt 1915Cornwall, England I70250
57 TRESTRAIL, Esther Ann  7 May 1948Cornwall, England I112609
58 UNKNOWN, Mary  DECEASEDCornwall, England I72266
59 UNKNOWN, Patience  1708Cornwall, England I98769
60 WASLEY, William  Apr 1870Cornwall, England I132920
61 WATERS, Thomas  DECEASEDCornwall, England I110856
62 WATERS, William  DECEASEDCornwall, England I110858
63 WATTERS, William  1851Cornwall, England I84117
64 WEARNE, James  1742Cornwall, England I118772
65 WHEARE, Henry  1894Cornwall, England I75180
66 WILKINS, Elizabeth Anne  16 Mar 1902Cornwall, England I73582
67 WILLIAMS, Thomas  1760Cornwall, England I122605
68 WILLOUGHBY, Henry  1854Cornwall, England I96985
69 WILLOUGHBY, Jane  Jan 1851Cornwall, England I126672
70 WILLOUGHBY, William  Jan 1848Cornwall, England I88181
71 WILTON, Jane Ann  Oct 1865Cornwall, England I122246
72 YATES, Elizabeth  DECEASEDCornwall, England I101880
73 YOULTEN, John  27 Apr 1736Cornwall, England I72892
74 YOULTEN, Thomas  DECEASEDCornwall, England I72888


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ANGWIN / LEATHAM  1869Cornwall, England F25485
2 BORLASE / KEIGWIN  1665Cornwall, England F66746
3 COMBELLICK / SINCOCK  5 Aug 1822Cornwall, England F23159
4 DOBLE / GROSE  27 Oct 1737Cornwall, England F73037
5 GREEN / ROWE  31 Dec 1856Cornwall, England F25962
6 IVEY / THOMAS  1840Cornwall, England F20000
7 MILWARD / HOULSON  Abt 1945Cornwall, England F76293
8 MULES / COURTICE  25 Apr 1816Cornwall, England F23997
9 ROWE / STATTON  1840Cornwall, England F4391
10 THOMAS / WILLIAMS  24 Feb 1845Cornwall, England F25308
11 THOMAS / WILLOUGHBY  30 Mar 1873Cornwall, England F25518
12 WILLIAMS / TREVILLIAN  6 Dec 1788Cornwall, England F27045
13 YOULTEN / MARTIN  16 May 1702Cornwall, England F25218