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Well it’s been a crazy few months and a rollercoaster of ups and downs. At one end the joy of celebrating my daughter turning 21. On the other end a more somber celebration of life after my pop and one of his sisters passed away. All the while having to go to work, deal with bills and work hard at getting on with projects around the house. So for the most part the family tree had to take a bit of a back seat.

As predicted the blog was the first thing that was ignored. Each time I remembered my promise to myself to do at least one blog a week, I struggled to think of words that I wanted to say.

Now, I’m not one to write just for the sake of it, and one thing my mother taught me was “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing”. I’m sure that this rule applies equally to “If you have nothing useful…”

So why the urge to write something tonight?

Some days it just seems like everything points to one thing…
I had a call that was very short… “Ring me back its urgent!” this from someone that I’m half expecting a call from that will be the bearer of bad news. Thankfully it wasn’t this time…

Then going over my emails, I read one with some very sad news. The sort of information that you just dread having to update the family tree about. Its then, that you start to think about how many death entries you can add to the tree without really feeling the impact that this would have had on someone’s family and loved ones. You try to justify this by thinking that recording it, is somehow honouring that person…

So, let’s watch some TV… what’s on?
The story of a young guy who finds out he has cancer. His chances of survival are fifty-fifty. At first I wasn’t really looking to watch it but for some reason, I just did.  By the end of the movie (which by the way was very well done) I was thinking about all the things in life that push us around, back and forward, but that we have no control over.

Stop the world, I want to get off”
No not really.


Fascinates me in a scifi kind of way.

Seems like an out of focus picture that comes more and more in focus as we age.

We have when we are young but know not why…
and we hope to retain until our last breath of life.


Each and every one of us owes it to ourselves and all other to
Live Life To The Fullest”

PS… if you notice I haven’t posted a blog for some time,
it will be one of two things…
I’m out living life or I’m dead!

but remember to remember the ones we have lost…
2012 Memorial List
2013 Memorial List

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