21 Today, 21 Today…


Ok, so I don’t normally blog or post anything that has a focus on living people but today is a special day…

Daddy’s Little Princess is 21 today…

So why would I say in a blog, something that everyone will read, rather than say it to you directly?
Well that’s simple… because I’m so very proud of you and want everyone to know it!

A lot’s happened in 21 years and it’s easy for me to feel like I’ve not always been in control, could have done better for you and worry that I’ve missed things or not understood what was important until after that time had passed.

You hear people talking about how it would be good to “stop them from growing” or “skip a stage like the terrible two’s” but really I couldn’t imagine it that way. I’ve always enjoyed each stage in your life and waited in wonder for the next chapter.

It’s been an adventure, a story tale with a Princess and a whole court of characters. I got to play King. Maybe we didn’t have the biggest castle in the land but you always seemed to have fairy dust to sprinkle, that made even the most drab of things sparkle as if they were new. There were ogres and trolls stealing happiness for a moment or a day, but always you triumphed, learning lessons along the way. You have kissed a few frogs, looking for your Prince but through all of this learning a Princess you remained. With every hurdle, I’ve watched as you struggled. Wanting to save you and feeling your pain, but knowing that the journey you travelled, no matter how troubled would make you the person I see today.

Would I change it…? I would give anything to have been able to give you more, save you from pain. You would have lived in the biggest castle and been showered with gifts and attention everyday…. But then… you wouldn’t be so very grounded, considerate and as giving, as the Princess that has turned 21 today.

Sheridan Brady

 Happy Birthday Daddy’s Princess


… sorry I need to cut this blog short. Your wicked step-mother is calling!
I’m glad you think she’s “wicked”…

Hell Boy


Sheridan’s Ancestors

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