Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds


Back in 1999 ,when I started doing the family tree, Eric was one of the first people that I stumbled upon. A large amount of data that he had already put together on his wife Debra’s lines linked to a few of the branches in my tree, and Eric was only too happy to help me get started.

Grabbing a copy of his then single book and spending a few afternoons sitting with Eric going over how the lines all linked was a great introduction in to the right way to do research. So I owe a lot to Eric for that starting point and have enjoyed catching up with him over the years and seeing how his research project has grown.

At some point, the book got too large to be just one story, and Eric started breaking the chapters into standalone books. Now with a staggering amount of information, pictures and supporting stories I’m very happy that Eric has asked me to host this, his life’s work, on my site so many others can enjoy it for a long time to come. – Darryl Brady

Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds by Eric Leslie HANSEN About the Author

Eric Leslie HANSEN was born in Subiaco near Perth in Western Australia in 1944. He began working in the glass and window industry when he was fourteen years old & after 11 years he began his own glass business which he operated with partners until his retirement in 2008.

Eric was always interested in his heritage and after the death of his mother Betty Constance HANSEN (nee EDMONDS) in 1991 he began researching his own family, and that of his wife, Debra. After some early success, due to a lot of previous work done by Western Australian researchers and some relatives in Victoria, the bug had well & truly bitten.

The first edition of “Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds” was published in 1995 and is available in many libraries around Australia. With the advent of the Internet, he has now been able to produce a series of books on various families from within the original book. In his latter years, he has decided to make available all his twenty-two years of research to all other family historians throughout the world.

He wishes to thank all those contributors, of whom there are too many to name, and specifically Darryl BRADY who has offered to host all the data on his website. All the books and information are offered free of any costs from Darryl’s website, and the author hopes that many hours of enjoyment can be had by future readers

 HANSEN-Eric The Book

  • Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds – The History of an Australia Family 1550c – 1995 Published 1995 – Book Available ISBN 0 646 25157 0
  • Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds – The History of an Australia Family 1550c – 2016 Revised Edition .pdf (Updated Feb 2016) 


Other works by Eric

Check out who is linked to the books in the Brady Family Tree Books Section of the main site.

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23 thoughts on “Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds”

    • Yes, Eric has always been very generous with his information and I’m very happy to be able to have a way for people to get access to his great work.

      I will spend a bit of time working through the info and linking it to the people that are in the Brady tree so far…

  1. Hi
    As my Fosketts link, by DNA, to the London Fosketts I am very happy to be able to receive a copy of Eric Hansen’s book.

    • Thanks Ann, Eric would like as many people as possible to get hold of the book. I will keep updating them as I get them from him. Please let family members know about this page.

  2. Hi

    Glad to see that so many people have downloaded the books from Darryl – Vikings Villains & Vagabonds, Hoping you are enjoying my work.
    I have just commenced my next project which is the WALSH family of Pallaskenry, Limerick, Ireland who cane to the Colony of New South Wales in 1841, eventually moving to the Hunter Valley region & surrounding districts. If you have connections to this family let me know.

    Also don’t forget I will be working on Addendums for all the current books, so if you have any info you would like to see in the book let me know.
    Remember these books are for the future generations to enjoy so don’t keep it a secret
    Eric Leslie HANSEN

    • Thanks Eric,
      I’m working on the option for people to get all of your books in one simple order and hope to have that and more links to my tree listed by the time you have the next updates available.

      Talking about secrets… Yesterday was Eric’s birthday, so a big Happy Birthday and thank you for the gift you have given everyone through your books.

  3. Happy Birthday Eric.
    I ordered the Tarzwell book.
    Thank you

  4. Can we buy your book on Tarzwell.
    Thank you
    I have trouble to view it on line.

    • Hi Paquerette
      Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds – The History of an Australia Family 1550c – Book Published 1995 – Available ISBN 0 646 25157 0

      You may be able to get a copy directly sent from Eric, I will forward your details on to him.
      Regards Darryl

  5. I cannot find the Link to donwload the book on Tarzweel family, Thank you
    I like to give this to my daughter in law for Christmas

    • Hi Paquerette
      Merry Christmas

      The Tarzwell Family information is not in a hard book but can be downloaded free via the link above.

  6. All I can say at this stage is WOW !! Obviously a labor of love. regs Chris Walsh

  7. Hi Darryl. I am a descendant of Sarah and James Morgan (nee Walsh) and you have in your tree info that there was no marriage. DOes it mean you don’t know or haven’t found the info regarding the marriage. If one of the people used another name does that mean they are not really married.? Sarah Walsh used her mothers maiden name of Bridgeman when she married James Morgan in Melbourne at St Frances Catholic church, Lonsdale Street Melbourne. I have just emailed the dean of History at St Patricks Catherdral where records or early marriages and baptisms are kept. I will keep you posted.

  8. Sorry Darryl I should have given you the date I have for the marriage. 14th November 1842.

    • Thanks for the comment/question Carolyn
      You will find that I’m missing a lot of information. This is a very outer branch of the tree for me and I don’t have anywhere near as much info as what you will find in Eric’s books. If you do find that you have information that Eric can add to future revisions please email it to him for inclusion – See his source page for details
      Also I have updated my page for James and Sarah MORGAN (nee Walsh) for you…
      Thanks again

  9. Vikings, Villains & Vagabonds
    THIRLAWAY Excerpt
    To be released with the next two weeks
    Updated version contains another extra 72 pages
    Check back soon

  10. Wow!! Eric has done a huge update on the Walsh line.. blown away to see my great-grandparents, grandparents, mother and father, me and my children all in the book.. I feel very humbled. Thank you.

  11. I’m looking for information on my birth family Flickert , Jessie Flickert née Morgan who came from Mepunga and Camperdown area and had relatives Ellen and Freda Hansen

  12. Darryl, thanks for the links and hosting the pdf’s. I didn’t realise the pdf was available, and for free – amazing. I should check your site more often 🙂
    I met Eric on several occasions and bought the book from him a long time ago now. It is a fantastic resource for my family line (Cousins).
    Eric also gave me several cd’s with a lot of additional information including birth certificates etc. He was a very generous man with the information he had.
    He also must have spent a lot of money on research, certificates etc.
    The amount of information in the book is small compared to the amount of additional information Eric had. Its a pity it could not all be digitised and put online, there would be some fascinating information and stories in there.
    Thank you Eric!

  13. Hi , Where might I find information about Thomas Walsh ( son of James and Ellen Bridgeman /Walsh)
    and his wife Ellen Brien/OBrien ?

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