Sharing Your AncestryDNA Matches List


Did you know that you can share your DNA MATCHES list with other AncestryDNA members?
It’s a simple process and can significantly help with your research.


  • Sharing your AncestryDNA matches with others will allow you to work together on finding common matches.
  • They will be able to see your full list of DNA MATCHES not just the ones you have in common, for the kit you have shared.
  • None of your personal or account information will be shared with them.
  • They will not be able to make changes or take over your account and they will not have access to your raw data DNA file.
  • You can stop sharing your DNA MATCHES with them at any time.
  • You stay the Administrator of your AncestryDNA account.
  • You can set the invite to:
    • Viewer – limited to viewing only
    • Collaborator – they can edit notes and turn the star icon on/off (Useful for sharing the matches each of you have found)



On the AncestryDNA home page for the kit you wish to share, go to “SETTINGS” and look for:


You will be listed as the Manager of your DNA
Clicking on the “Add a person” button opens the following page:


Using either the username or e-mail address of the person you wish to invite.
(To invite me it would be DarrylBrady07)
Select a role by choosing Viewer or Collaborator.

Click the SEND INVITATION button.


An email is sent by AncestryDNA to the person you have nominated.
After they accept your invite, a link to your shared kit will show in their VIEW ANOTHER TEST drop-down menu which will take them to the DNA MATCHES list.

You should now both have access and can work together on finding more links.


Happy Hunting !


Need more help – Try this Ancestry Support Article


Stay tuned for how AncestryDNAHelper makes finding shared matches easy.. 

Another way to share your DNA matches is by Uploading your DNA to

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