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Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
[Bristol] [Gloucestershire] [England]

Latitude: 51.45, Longitude: -2.5833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, Ethel May  1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I57263
2 ALDEN, Violet Emmeline  Jan 1883Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I100262
3 ANDREWS, Jesse  Abt 1837Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I98138
4 ARNOLD, William James  1893Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I126128
5 BAGLIN, Shirley Doris  15 Jul 1935Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I130361
6 BALL, George James  1821Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I122445
7 BAMPFIELD, Isabela  Oct 1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I90092
8 BANBURY, Elizabeth Ellen  Abt 1886Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I107891
9 BARNETT, Leah  1883Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I130419
10 BARR, Emily  8 Mar 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92880
11 BARR, Henry  1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92883
12 BARTLEY, Florence Matilda  1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I126135
13 BELLAMY, John Howells  Jun 1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I129641
14 BOUNDY, Sarah  Abt 1833Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I86178
15 BRINDAL, Samuel  1810Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I38283
16 BUCKLAND, Thomas Moody  Bef 24 Nov 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78650
17 BURGESS, Caroline  1859Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I23768
18 BURKE, William Henry James  14 Sep 1929Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I118018
19 CAPLE, Joan G  17 Feb 1934Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I93648
20 CAPLE, Louvain M O  Between Apr and Jun 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I93646
21 CARTER, Harriet Madge  1799Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I34566
22 COX, Reginald George  4 Apr 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78661
23 DAVIS, Beatrice Maud  17 Oct 1889Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133850
24 DONALDSON, Myra  1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I94470
25 DOYLE, Sarah Elizabeth  10 Dec 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116763
26 DYER, Reginald A  Jun 1943Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I121896
27 EAST, Joseph  Abt 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I90044
28 EAST, Maud May  Apr 1890Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I89016
29 EDWARDS, Ann  2 Aug 1811Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I89763
30 EMERY, Richard George Charles  1896Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85573
31 FEAR, Victor George  7 Jul 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79015
32 FERGUSON, Alphonsino May  16 May 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I42436
33 FERGUSON, Joseph Beresford  13 Dec 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I40987
34 FISHPOOL, Mary Marklove  8 Jul 1816Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12657
35 FUSSELL, James  1841Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I44749
36 GILLIS, Emily  Jul 1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92884
37 GRIFFITHS, Caroline  1835Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I109207
38 GWYTHER, Mary Jane  Sep 1850Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106314
39 HARDAGE, Anthony Arthur  6 Oct 1921Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106139
40 HARDAGE, Denzil James  30 Jul 1915Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106140
41 HAZARD, Frederick Sidney  1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I81700
42 HAZARD, Frederick Sidney  27 Oct 1881Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I118982
43 HAZARD, Frederick Sidney  5 May 1905Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I118981
44 HAZARD, John  Apr 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116759
45 HAZARD, Samuel  27 Oct 1822Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116758
46 HEATH, George James  1816Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I131207
47 HENSELL, Samuel  UNKNOWNBristol, Gloucestershire, England I29368
48 HILL, Charles Emmanuel  15 Sep 1837Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91938
49 HILL, Elizabeth  22 Nov 1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I19266
50 HILL, Eva Mary  8 Sep 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I63099
51 HILL, Helene  1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91939
52 HILL, Sidney Charles  16 Apr 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I96936
53 HOLMES, Albert Madge  UNKNOWNBristol, Gloucestershire, England I34567
54 HOLMES, Laurence Carter  12 Sep 1829Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I38826
55 HUGHES, Ellen  Abt 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I103210
56 HUGHES, Hannah Anne  1809Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9453
57 HUNT, Mary Ann  1818Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91426
58 JESSUP, Gwynedd Clara  14 Jan 1899Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79009
59 JESSUP, Kenneth C.  Jul 1913Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79626
60 JONES, Fanny  Abt 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I83300
61 JONES, Felix  1811Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I83301
62 KNIGHT, George  Between 1832 and 1838Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I4937
63 LEGGE, Dorothy Rose  26 Jan 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I107892
64 LEGGE, Kenneth Frederick  6 Sep 1921Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I122786
65 LEGGE, Percy Robert  22 Sep 1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133860
66 LEONARD, Charles Alfred  Between 1841 and 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I41282
67 LEWIS, John Frederick  6 Nov 1857Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79581
68 LLOYD, Alice Maud  30 Nov 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I89597
69 LOCKE, Doris Maud  9 Nov 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I125846
70 LOCKE, William Stephen  12 Aug 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I125844
71 LUDLOW, Mary Elizabeth  23 Nov 1836Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91937
72 LUGG, Royston Dee  Between Jul and Sep 1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I113703
73 MADGE, Elizabeth Dorothy  Jan 1770Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I81244
74 MARTIN, Caroline  1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79580
75 MAYO, Charlie  1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I23767
76 MEREDITH, George  1830Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12099
77 NEWTON, Arthur Reginald  17 Apr 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I96837
78 NEWTON, Peter Clive  9 Feb 1934Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I97440
79 PARFITT, Brenda Joy  2 May 1935Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117362
80 PEARCE, Esther Rose  8 Apr 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117359
81 PEARCE, Frank  8 Mar 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117358
82 PINKER, Isaac Henry  11 Jan 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I57266
83 PONTING, John Thomas  28 Nov 1836Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I121063
84 PRICE, Gilbert George  Abt 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I107893
85 RICHARDS, Albert Henry  1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91420
86 RICHARDS, Betsy Ann Ellen  Jan 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79738
87 RICHARDS, James Alexander  19 Aug 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91423
88 RICHARDS, Job John  1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85506
89 RICHARDS, Job John  1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91419
90 RICHARDS, Mary Ann  1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91418
91 RICHARDS, Sydney  1881Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91421
92 RICHARDS, Thomas  1849Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91427
93 RICHARDS, Thomas  Jan 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91417
94 ROGERS, Doris Grace  18 Apr 1914Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I119009
95 ROSSITER, Beatrice Palmer  Dec 1893Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I122153
96 SCARROTT, Herbert Stanley  19 Jun 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I27429
97 SEDGEWICK, Ellen  Abt 1817Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I131208
98 SIMMS, Walter Bishop  Dec 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I98356
99 SPRING, Jane  22 Nov 1879Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I125845
100 TANNER, John Millard  1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I100614

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Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ABLETT, Ethelinda Maude  Mar 1963Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106138
2 ALLAN, Lily Isabel  Mar 1991Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78859
3 ANDREW, Sarah Eliza  Sep 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116757
4 ANDREWS, Daniel  1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I77619
5 BAGLIN, William L  Oct 1971Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I130365
6 BANBURY, Elizabeth Ellen  1950Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I107891
7 BANFIELD, Winifred Kate  Dec 1952Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I96845
8 BARR, Emily  Mar 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92880
9 BARWICK, Elizabeth  Sep 1881Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106317
10 BEARD, Mariah  Oct 1889Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I121524
11 BENNETT, Barbara Joan  May 2001Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78734
12 BENNETT, Harriet  7 Jan 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I22587
13 BENNETT, Harry  Jun 1967Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78732
14 BENNETT, Henry Victor  1 Dec 1961Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78855
15 BRACEY, Elsie W.  Apr 2005Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I44781
16 BRYANT, Thomas William  Dec 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I132513
17 BUTCHER, Helen  1948Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I63097
18 CAPLE, Louvain M O  Between Apr and Jun 1917Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I93646
19 CAPLE, Samuel Shepherd  Jun 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92881
20 CAPLE, William John  Mar 1969Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92877
21 COOK, Annie  Aug 1973Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I104748
22 DAVIS, Beatrice Maud  25 Oct 1959Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133850
23 DAVIS, Dorothy  Jul 1991Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117352
24 DEWFALL, Louisa Ellen  1929Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I96834
25 DOYLE, Augustine Edwin  Jan 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116762
26 EMERY, Sarah Ann  14 Apr 1935Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85508
27 EMERY, Sarah Jane  Jan 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I100610
28 FEAR, Victor George  Aug 1994Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79015
29 GILLIS, Emily  Dec 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92884
30 GLEED, Betty  2012Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I46085
31 GWYTHER, Mary Jane  Mar 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106314
32 HAMERSLEY, Ann Frances Isabella  5 Mar 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I44137
33 HARDING, Ruth  Apr 1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106154
34 HARDWIDGE, James  27 Nov 1936Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106147
35 HAYDEN, Douglas John William  17 Feb 1985Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85521
36 HAZARD, John  25 Mar 1922Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116759
37 HAZARD, Samuel  Oct 1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I116758
38 HILL, Francis William  DECEASEDBristol, Gloucestershire, England I63098
39 HOOK, Harriett  15 Aug 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I119006
40 HORSMAN, John  Mar 1918Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117368
41 JAMES, Edith Annie  Dec 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117377
42 JESSUP, Charles  1 Sep 1954Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79006
43 JESSUP, Kenneth C.  1940Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I79626
44 KENT, Maria  23 Feb 1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I122149
45 LEGGE, Dorothy Rose  1981Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I107892
46 LEGGE, George W  Jul 1983Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133859
47 LOCKE, William Stephen  24 Feb 1949Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I125844
48 MADGE, Elizabeth Dorothy  28 Apr 1814Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I81244
49 MAINSTONE, Ella Matilda  1942Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117357
50 MAINSTONE, Kate Amy  29 Feb 1968Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I119007
51 MANN, Eliza  Jan 1914Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I73478
52 MILLS, Florence Kate  Mar 1982Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I78733
53 MOULDER, Frederick George  21 Jun 1929Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I104755
54 MOULDER, John Robert  Sep 1995Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I104738
55 NEWTON, Sarah Ann  Mar 1922Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85505
56 PARFITT, Brenda Joy  25 Jul 2014Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117362
57 PEARCE, Frank  Dec 1948Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117358
58 PRICE, Gilbert George  1936Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I107893
59 QUICK, Charles  Dec 1902Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106316
60 QUICK, Charles  1922Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I106313
61 REES, Olive Florence  Jun 1970Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I84396
62 REID, Helen Martin  23 Oct 2005Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133853
63 RHODES, Mary  Sep 1932Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I86047
64 RICHARDS, James Alexander  Mar 1972Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I91423
65 RICHARDS, Job John  Jun 1925Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85506
66 RICHARDS, Winifred Dorothy Julia  14 Feb 1960Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I92878
67 RIDDIFORD, Elizabeth  Oct 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I117373
68 SANGUINETTI, Iris  18 Feb 1976Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I85522
69 SEDGEWICK, Ellen  5 Aug 1900Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I131208
70 SELMAN, Dan  3 Dec 1940Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I118984
71 TOLEMAN, Robert Philip  Mar 2004Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I81140
72 WALKER, Joan  Dec 1993Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I81141
73 WALTERS, Frederick Gilbert  20 Jul 1956Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I125847
74 WHEELER, Doris Sophia  Mar 1943Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I130364
75 WHEELER, Thomas Evan  29 Jun 1941Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I130418
76 WILLIAMS, George  25 Jul 1957Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133851
77 WILLIAMS, Miriam  17 Dec 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I118985
78 WILLIAMS, Victor George  6 Jan 2014Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I133852

Birth Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Record    Person ID 
1 BAMPFIELD, Isabela  Oct 1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I90092
2 CAPLE, Joan G  1934Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I93648
3 FERGUSON, Joseph Beresford  1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I40987
4 SCARROTT, Herbert Stanley  1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I27429

Immigration: Dep.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration: Dep.    Person ID 
1 ALFORD, Edwin  1912Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28652


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 AYLAND / KENT  16 May 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F75643
2 BALSDON / KERR  Oct 1966Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F75564
3 BANWELL / HARDING  1 Aug 1861Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F68914
4 BRINDAL / WOOD  25 Dec 1830Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F12448
5 BROWNING / COATES  17 Jan 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F29715
6 BURKE / PRICE  19 Aug 1950Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F73920
7 CARTER / MADGE  21 Jun 1792Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F28542
8 CURTHOYS / HEMNAN  1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F10258
9 DEE / KNIGHT  9 Nov 1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F8349
10 DESMOND / VOWLES  24 Oct 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F14955
11 DOYLE / HAZARD  Oct 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F73341
12 FEAR / JESSUP  Sep 1927Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F27650
13 FERGUSON / BEAVIN  Oct 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F14946
14 FERGUSON / BRACEY  1935Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F14947
15 FISHPOOL / HAYNES  1 Oct 1815Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F18143
16 GLEED / MADDOCK  17 Aug 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F15438
17 GREEN / SKIDMORE  28 Jan 1822Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F74431
18 HARDING / BUSH  3 Feb 1833Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F69044
19 HART / PARFITT  Dec 1960Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F73628
20 HAZARD / ANDREW  18 Oct 1842Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F73339
21 HAZARD / LAWES  18 Jul 1931Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F60753
22 HOPKINS / MAGGS  1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F28514
23 LEGGE / ROWE  Oct 1942Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F75922
24 LEGGE / RUTLEY  Oct 1932Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F80554
25 LOCK / GRIFFITHS  Oct 1856Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F70155
26 LOCKE / SPRING  Abt 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F77240
27 MAINSTONE / HOOK  21 Aug 1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F74344
28 MAINSTONE / ROGERS  20 Apr 1941Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F74346
29 MELLOR / TANNER  Dec 1924Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F66652
30 NEWTON / CARTER  1932Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F65123
31 QUICK / GWYTHER  25 Sep 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F68977
32 RATCLIFFE / BENNETT  4 Apr 1879Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F27520
33 RICHARDS / BARR  21 Aug 1892Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F62178
34 RICHARDS / WOODROFFE  16 May 1910Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F61564
35 SCARROTT / FUIDGE  28 Dec 1897Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F13061
36 SMITH / BARTON  20 Sep 1819Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F73633
37 THOMAS / LLOYD  4 Aug 1902Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F60803
38 WARR / NICHOLS  15 Aug 1858Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F20431
39 WHEELER / BARNETT  22 Apr 1905Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F79161
40 WHITEHEAD / PARKER  7 Mar 1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F71696
41 WILLIAMS / CHAPPLE  Sep 1956Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F27649
42 WILLIAMS / DAVIS  4 Aug 1923Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F80551
43 WILTON / FISHPOOL  31 Aug 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F3164